Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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There's a new post on The Panic Button!

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Lyrical Shirt Design; A New Profession?

Posted: 09 Dec 2009 07:00 AM PST

Today was a snow day so I went shopping with my family. I really want some shirts that express my interests, but couldn’t find any. I was messing around with some images and decided to make my own t-shirt designs based on what I like and what I would be willing to wear. Here are some that I made…

“Imagine” (John Lennon and The Beatles)

Positive Vibration (Bob Marley)

Of course, I’m not able to sell these t-shirts because of different aspects of infringement, but I really like them.

It’s getting really bad outside. The snow is being blown everywhere by 40 mph winds. Not to mention the -1° wind chill, it’s terrible. Luckily I’m inside with my footy pajamas on, with a cup of hot chocolate, typing away happily. This weather should subside this weekend, so I can have the guys over.

Here are some pics I took.

Looks like we might have another snow day tomorrow.

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Snow Day 2.0 And Close To 600k

Posted: 08 Dec 2009 07:58 PM PST

School’s already called off for tomorrow because of the predicted 50 MPH winds and 6-10 inches of snow. Which means another day of sleeping in, which I’m pretty sure every could use more of.  We’re also getting close to 600k hits, which means we need to do something to celebrate that. We’ll probably get it either Thursday or Friday, so just keep your visits coming, the more you visit, the faster we get there!

I like snow because of all the things you can make out of it, forts, snowmen, snowballs, and all of that!

Ah, there’s nothing better than coming into warm hot chocolate after pelting your annoying neighbor or brother with snowballs, is there?

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