Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Aha! Jokes Laughing Gas Newsletter for January 22

Laughing Gas Newsletter
For January 22, 2014!

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Worst Hair Styles Of All Time

Depending on how old you are the following may be a trip down nostalgia lane or a shocking look at the past. In either case the following hair styles that have (thankfully) gone out of favor are indeed the very WORST hair styles to have ever graced the top of a head. Click here or on the picture to the right to see more!

This pill allows you to fly

A man went into a bar in a high rise. He saw another man take a pill, take a drink, walk to the window and jump out. He flew around for a minute and zipped back into the bar.

As the amazed newcomer watched, the man repeated this twice more. Finally the man asked if he could have a pill. The flier said it was his last one. The man offered five hundred dollars to no avail, so he made a final offer of a thousand dollars. The man said that it was all he had on him.

The flier reluctantly gave in, took the cash, surrendered the pill, and turned back to the bar. The man took the pill, took a drink, went to the window, and jumped out only to fall to his death. The bartender walked over to the flier at the bar and, wiping a glass, said, "You sure are mean when you're drunk, Superman."

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Funny Video of the Week

Ten Best Local TV Ads

A cute skunk gets stuck in a peanut butter jar!

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