Friday, May 9, 2014

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This guy phones home and the maid answers.

"Can I speak to the lady of the house please?"

"Who shall I say is speaking?"

"It's her husband"

so the maid is gone for a few minutes and she returns.

"Hello, I found the lady but she is in bed with her boyfriend and couldn't come to the phone."

"Oh my God, I can't beleive it ... Okay I want you to go to my office and get the gun from my desk."

The maid does this and returns to the phone.

"Now I want you to go and shoot my wife and the boyfriend."

The maid goes, there are screams followed by two shots. The maid returns.

"I have killed them both"

"Okay now throw the gun into the swimming pool"

W"e don't have a swimming pool sir"

"Oh I'm sorry, is this 555-3456?"

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