Monday, August 25, 2014

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A man from London gets lost in a remote part of Wales and eventually encounters a farmer. The man asks the farmer if he can have a lift to the nearest hotel. The farmer agrees. On the way, the farmer asks the man what he does for a living.

The man replies "I'm a ventriloquist."

"Really", says the farmer, confused, "what's that then?"

The man tells the farmer to pull over. By the side of the road is a horse. The man says to the horse "hello, what are you doing?"

The horse replies (or appears to reply), "I'm just having a rest before going off for a gallop". The farmer is amazed.

The man says to a squirrel, "and what about you?"

The squirrel 'replies' "I'm storing some food for the winter."

After dropping the man off at the hotel, the farmer goes to his local field where there is a flock of sheep. The farmer says to the sheep "Be careful, there's a bloke from London asking a lot of awkward questions..."

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