Thursday, October 2, 2014

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A good looking middle aged guy meets a very good looking young woman in the bar at the Plaza in New York and after several drinks gets her to agee to come up to his Central Park view apartment "just for the view".

On the way up they go by Harry Winston's little jewlery store and she sees a beautiful necklace in the window. He says "if you like that we can pick it up on the way back". They go by Bergdorf's and she sees a beautiful dress; same thing "we'll pick it up in the way back. Next she sees a mink coat; same thing, "on the way back".

On the way back, she sees the coat and he says "let's go - let's go"; same thing with the dress and then again with the necklace.

When she complains, he says to her, "Baby let me tell you, when I'm hard I'm soft, but when I'm soft I'm hard".

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