Wednesday, December 17, 2014

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Three guys, who have just got married, are sitting in their hotel bar after all the receptions, having a beer. As they talk, it transpires that all three are virgins, and are a bit naive of how many times they can expect to have sex with their new bride that evening. One devises a plan of how they can relay this information to the others at breakfast without getting a slap.

"All we do is order as many rounds of toast for how many times you had it last night" he says, and the others readily agree.

At breakfast the next morning, all three guys look very happy with themselves. The first bloke orders cornflakes, and in a loud voice asks for 4 slices of toast, and the others give him a wink and a thumbs up.

The next guy orders scrambled eggs, and again in a voice so the others can hear orders 6 slices of toast. Again, his mates give him a good on yer look.

The next guy orders a full english breakfast, and then asks for EIGHT slices of toast. His mates give a low whistle of approval, and as the waiter walks away, the guy says to the waiter "Oh, and could you make two of those brown, please mate".

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